How to Tackle AC Installation

A common home improvement project, air conditioner installation comes with a lot of different steps that must be followed to ensure a smooth completion. AC installs can seem like a daunting task, however, with the proper tools and knowledge can be done with ease.

To start, check the box for an instruction manual or reference guide. Understanding how the machine must be placed, what holes need to go in the wall, and where these holes need to be placed are crucial for the correct installation.

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When starting from the inside, it is important not to go all the way through both walls, as this can damage the siding to the point it will need to be replaced in that section. Use something to give you a point of reference on the outside, so it then becomes possible to grab a ladder and properly drill the hole.

Next is hanging the bracket on the wall. Always start by double-checking the template. Then, when placed against the wall using a level to make sure it is even before screwing it into place. From here, drill in the studs, keeping in mind that some holes may need to be added to the bracket in order to place the studs properly.

For additional information on AC installs, please review the attached video.


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