Is Solar Power Truly Better?

These days, solar power is a usable energy. Its power is generated from the sun, and it could be thermal or electric.

The solar energy can also be captured in many ways, with a common being of a solar services system, or even the PV system that converts the rays of the sun into a usable electricity.

In this video, let us know why we should try solar services.

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1. Gives Control on Electricity

Home battery and solar panels may offer you freedom from utility and electric bills. It could help you prevent peak electricity rates and it also provides reliable back-up power when the grid goes down.

2. Renewable and Clean Energy

Solar power is clean, emission-free, and renewable source of energy. It’s not like the fossil fuels like natural gas and coal, as solar power does not release harmful pollutants or even greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Increases the Value of a Home

One advantage of batteries and home solar is the increase in the value of a home. It actually raise the value of a house of about 4.1% on average. This is better especially if you have plans to put your house on sale in the future.

4. Cost-effective

The cost of a home solar have actually dropped in the recent years. It falls more than 70% in the last years. To some, it could be pricey, the bills would be worth it.


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