3 Steps to Maintaining Your Deck

Decks are appealing home accessories. Installing a deck is an easy way to increase your home’s property value. However, your deck may erode over time without regular maintenance. Or maybe you are in the process of hiring deck builders to install one on your property. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

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  1. Thorough Wash – A strong wash helps revitalize the entire deck. Apply water carefully if you have an older deck, as the moisture may damage the wood.
  2. Wood Cleaner – Applying premiums wood cleaner is the easiest way to refresh your deck. Wood cleaner brightens while removing rust, mildew, and other substances.
  3. Broom – Use a broom after applying the wood cleaner. This removes any excess buildup on the surface level. You’ll also need a hose to remove excess cleaner.

You should notice a difference in your deck’s appearance within an hour or so after treatment. Be careful applying cleaner if you have other accessories around your deck such as lights. The wood cleaner could also harm any plants around the deck, so it’s important to water the plants or remove them before starting treatment. Consider replacing the screws as well to strengthen the foundation. It should take around an hour or two to treat your deck.


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