3 Tips to Maintain Your Homes Pool

Swimming pools are a great way to keep fit while ducking the heat. They have to be maintained, though, by pool maintenance companies for the health and safety of the family. John with American Pool and Spa explains what to do.

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  1. Bodywork: With a broom, clean off the pool tile at the waterline and the steps. Backwashing reverses the flow of water in the filter system, cleaning it out. Scoop out any biologicals, masonry, or leaves in a net.
  2. Vacuum: Use a hammerhead for sticks, stones, leaves, and other solid debris. Use a hand-held pool vacuum for dirt and finer debris. Note to self: don’t clean on a rainy or windy day or with the filter system on. It will obscure your view.
  3. Chlorine. Now you’ll put in a quickly-dissolving chlorine and algae protection. Finally, you’ll add a clear-water agent and weekly chlorine sticks.

Experts agree that pools should be cleaned once per week. This gives harmful bacteria and other unhealthy things no chance to harm your family. At the same time, the skimmer and pump basket should be cleaned for the same reason.

Pool maintenance companies use the latest and safest pool cleaning chemicals. Homeowners might not have professional pool cleaning equipment. They can also clean faster and more thoroughly than homeowners. This gives you time to lounge and enjoy your summer!


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