Popular Upgrades That Home Remodeling Websites Recommend

Remodeling a home may well be one of the hardest things to do. That’s because even if you have the money to spend on the project, you may not know the best upgrades to work on. Rather than risk spending money on projects that won’t hold their value well or that won’t have an impact despite costing you valuable remodeling dollars, it’s best to start by finding out what these projects are. To do this, you can consider the most popular projects according to home remodeling websites. Once you have an idea of what these may be, you can go ahead to choose those that you’d like to work on, and outlined are a few of these projects.

Fresh Water

Among the top projects recommended by home remodeling websites is enlisting the services of a water restoration service. Since water is a basic need in any house, it’s clear why this is among the main projects on this list. It’s important to make sure that the water in your home is not just sufficient, but safe for your family’s use as well. If you get your water from a municipal supply, this may not be as important a project to work on as it would be if you rely on a well for your home’s water.

While a water well is one of the best sources of water because of factors like affordability and total control of your supply, it also needs some measures to be taken. These include having a professional inspect the water well regularly to check for signs of damage. This damage could result in leakage of your water or leaching of contaminants into the water. Even if there’s no evident issue with the well, you should still carry out water tests regularly so that you know your water is safe.

Great Plumbing

Another project that’s based on the important role played by water in the home is plumbing repair. This is a popular project on home remodeling websites because it can impact both water supply and drainage. The moment you notice an issue like a leak or something similar, you need to call a professional plumber to fix it so that you don’t waste water that you’re going to pay for. Even without evident signs of plumbing issues like leaks and such, it’s a good idea for you to have regular inspections of your plumbing done alongside preventative maintenance.

If your home’s plumbing was installed a long time ago, it’s a good idea to have a complete overhaul done. This is going to keep your home safe from the likelihood of plumbing failure and ensure that your water supply is unaffected. Some of the signs that should motivate you to get this done sooner rather than later include issues such as your home’s water giving off a foul odor or flowing out of the taps with a strange color. Additionally, if you can hear odd noises coming from your plumbing, there’s no water flowing out of some outlets, or there’s low pressure, it’s important that you call a plumber right away. They can help remedy the issue and get your home’s water supply back on track so that you’re not inconvenienced.

New Roof

Another popular upgrade that you’ll come across on various home remodeling websites is getting a new replacement. There’s no doubt as to the importance of this project given the numerous roles that a roof plays on a home. From keeping the property and occupants of the house safe from the elements to helping serve up curb appeal when it’s in a good state, there are many important roles that the roof plays. With this in mind, you may want to call a residential roofer to inspect your roof and let you know if it’s due for a replacement.

While there may be some hidden signs that your roof needs to be replaced, most of them will be easy enough for you to see either from the street or through your home’s attic. These obvious signs include a sagging roof line, excessive damage to the roof involving missing elements, and major leaks that damage the ceiling and walls of your home. These may be as a result of a serious weather event that impacted the roof or simply because the roof has reached the end of its lifespan. Whatever the case, replacing the roof will prove to be one of the best investments that you could make as it will yield amazing returns.

Masonry Restoration

Home remodeling websites are also letting homeowners know that they stand to benefit a lot from getting a brick restoration done. That’s because, over time, bricks get damaged as a result of exposure to the elements, especially those that are outdoors. They not only leave an unsightly impact, but they also present possible avenues for pests and humidity to find their way into your home, where they can cause a lot of damage. Old, failed bricks are also unable to serve their structural role well, so they pose a risk of failing unexpectedly.

To avoid all the issues that can be caused by damaged masonry, it’s a good idea to get these damaged bricks replaced as soon as they possibly can. Once you install the new bricks, you should consider keeping them safe from rapid degeneration by applying a protective coating over them. This coating can give them a richer and more polished look in addition to keeping them safe from the adverse effects of rain and shine. Even if it needs to be re-applied regularly, it’s something that’s easy enough for you to do yourself if you have a few free hours and some basic tools.

Clear Drains

Clogged drains can make it a pain to perform regular functions in the house, including cleaning up and even taking a shower. They can also cause your house to be the comfortable home of swarms of drain flies. These are unsightly and may give the implication of a lack of hygiene, even if this is not the case and cause. Based on these, drain cleaning services are another popular service that home remodeling websites are talking about.

While you can reach for a drain cleaner to use as an instant fix, keep in mind that this may not be the best solution for long-term use. This is because they’re not the best for the environment, based on the chemicals that they’re loaded with. They may also do a surface job but leave the main issue untouched, allowing it to come up again in the future and perhaps on a larger scale. These are all reasons why you’re better off calling drain-cleaning professionals in your area to help you deal with clogs and other drain issues right from their roots.

Waterproofed Basement

Home remodeling websites are also sharing the importance of waterproofing the basement. That’s because this is a space that’s likely to suffer from water damage if left unchecked. This can result in a number of other issues throughout your home, with the main one being the growth of mold. Mold can start developing quite fast if there’s humidity and the temperature is right. It will then spread its spores throughout the house, aggravating any allergies and causing a lot of discomfort to anyone in your family who may be sensitive to them.

The demerits and dangers that water damage can cause to your home make it important for you to call crawlspace waterproofing experts as soon as you possibly can. They should help you come up with the best solutions that can help you keep your home safe from water damage. This will allow you to use spaces like the basement and actually increase the value of your home. Whether you convert the waterproofed space into a play area for your children, an additional lounge for your home, or a home office, you’re going to be glad that you did so.

Refinished Flooring

The floor can impact the way a space looks and feels, and that’s why this is another popular item as shared by home remodeling websites. As the floor of a house gets weathered with regular use, it may also suffer damage and present a tripping hazard. In such cases, you should talk to a professional to hear if they recommend repairing the floor or replacing it altogether. If you have a wooden floor, you could either get wood flooring repair done or upgrade the floor with a new one. With the variety of materials currently available, you’re sure to find the best option for your home.

A hardwood floor, especially if installed professionally, can give your home an amazing look and offer comfort to your family. Consider getting heated flooring if you have young children and your home is in an area with a generally cold climate. This way, you’ll have made an upgrade that will be both functional and cosmetic.

Repaved Driveway

The driveway of a home impacts its curb appeal, and this is one of the reasons why home remodeling websites are big on improving it. Another reason why you should make a driveway repaving your priority is because if it has cracks and holes on it, it basically presents a tripping hazard. These cracks and holes also make it easier for the elements to damage if further, leading to its imminent failure. Don’t forget that driving over these irregularities on a frequent basis can cause accelerated damage to your vehicle’s parts.

That said, you need to find reputable asphalt companies in your area if you have an asphalt driveway, or you intend to install one. They can help you either make the necessary repairs or repave the driveway to get it in the best state. They’ll also let you know the maintenance steps that you need to take to keep the driveway in good shape for a long time to come. These include thorough cleaning and sealing of the driveway, which can help you safeguard it from the effects of constant exposure to the elements and also keep it attractive all year long.


If you’re thinking of making massive renovations to your home, you may want to relocate to a different place for a while. In this case, you can hire a local mover to help you get the basic items you and your family will need over this period. You can check some popular home remodeling websites to see if you’re going to find suggestions for reliable moving companies. This is a great way for you to cut to the chase and find the best professionals to help you with a move. If you find the contacts of a mover from a website, you might also chance on a discount, helping you make some savings in the process.


Last but not least on the list of the most popular home upgrades that home remodeling websites recommend is working on the hardscape. Your home’s hardscape needs as much attention as you pay to your plants and greenery in general. This is because if you ignore it, it’s going to get damaged by the elements and could end up looking terrible, especially in comparison to the rest of the outdoor area. Make any necessary repairs to it or replace it altogether if it no longer serves your intended purpose.

Local hardscape companies can help you get a professional outcome, so make sure to consult with a few. It may be best to talk to them once you’ve checked online or looked elsewhere to find some ideas that you can use as inspiration for your hardscape. Don’t forget to keep up with preventative maintenance as this is going to be the way in which you secure your investment and keep it in good shape for a long time to come.

Once you make these popular upgrades to your home, you’re sure to notice an instant improvement to your home. It will not just look better, but it will also work better and be more valuable. Remember to always hire vetted professionals so that you have the best chances of getting the home of your dreams.

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