Limited Access? Heres How to Do Fiberglass Deck Repair Anyways

In this YouTube video, the creator, Andy, demonstrates how to perform fiberglass deck repair using a flexi sander tool. He applies the fairing compound to the hole, lets it set, and then sands the surface using a longboarding tool. The speaker is pleased with the final results and concludes the video by inviting viewers to leave any questions or comments.

Video Source

When repairing fiberglass damage, it’s best to repair from both sides of the laminate. However, sometimes this isn’t possible due to lack of access to one side. In this case, Andy suggests using an inserted molded deck or upper structure to repair the damage, as this would provide access to the damaged area from both sides. He then proceeds to show how he would cut away the necessary areas to access the fiberglass damage, grind the damaged areas after removing the foam, and with a bit of spackling material, the fiberglass damage can be repaired from one side.

The speaker also discusses an alternative approach to repairing a damaged area in a fiberglass hull when access to both sides of the hull is limited. Instead of grinding down both sides of the damaged area to a taper and then building up the glass with a new laminate, they recommend addressing the damage from one side only and building up the glass using a 12-one rule. They suggest an 18 or 24-to-one rule instead of a 12-to-one rule when only addressing the damage from one side.

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