How Does a Water Well Service Clean Out the Well?

A water well service typically will bring out a big tube attached to an O-ring to lower down a pipe to clean out a well. They will often have something weighted to the tube so that it goes down into the pipe without a problem. Next, they’ll mark where this tube meets the ground, so they can lift the tube a certain number of feet to create suction from the bottom of the well basin.

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Water well service has changed a great deal over the years. Now, they will use an extremely effective metal clamp to connect the tube to the pipe and keep it in place. They release pressure with the compressor slowly at first to avoid having a big mess. By the time it’s open all the way, the technician will be able to inspect the water that’s coming out to see some of what’s in the well, such as iron and sulfur.

Well cleanup is a complicated process and should only be conducted by professionals. Be sure to call in a professional company to clear out clay and other debris from within your well. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing your well water is safe.

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