How Even Seemingly Minor Tree Damage Can Be Deadly

If you’re a homeowner with trees in your yard, you know that trees’ natural beauty is an immense asset to your home’s overall landscape. This YouTube video reminds viewers that even minor tree damage could be deadly. You may see minor damage and wonder if an arborist (tree specialist) is necessary.

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According to Integrity Tree Pros, there are certain signs of tree damage that you shouldn’t ignore.

If you see sticks frequently falling from a tree, that is a sign that the tree is not faring well. A tree that is not receiving enough nutrients will have peeling bark. Excess rot or fungus on the tree would indicate the presence of an infection. Any of these conditions would warrant a visit from an arborist.

Look at the tree from a short distance. A leaning tree is a sign of a tree problem unless a tree was originally growing at an angle. If there is a bit of a wait until the arborist arrives, you can temporarily brace the tree so it can stand up until the arborist arrives. If a storm causes a branch to rip forcefully and cause an open area in the tree, this can be considered a tree “wound” and an indication that a visit from the arborist is needed.

A leaning tree is a sign of a tree problem.

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