How Profitable is a Tree Trimming Service?

Are you wondering how you can profit from tree trimming services?

One way is to charge a flat price. This charge is usually determined by the tree type and size and the amount of work required. Your company will give the customer a price quote, and after you’ve completed the job, the customer will pay the agreed-upon fee.

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Another approach is to charge an hourly rate for your services. This price plan is more prevalent for little operations or customers that require the trimming of a few branches. Your company will quote the customer an hourly rate, and the customer will be invoiced for the number of hours it takes to finish the project.

Some companies charge a portion of the tree value as a fee for their services. This strategy is commonly used for large, valuable trees. You’ll assess the value of the tree and then quote the customer a price based on a percentage of that value.

You can have additional revenue by selling the wood from clipped trees. When a tree is trimmed as part of a removal service, you can sell the wood to a lumber yard or a wood processing facility.

Finally, tree trimming companies may provide other services, such as stump grinding or tree removal, to gain more cash. These services can be quoted separately from tree trimming services, allowing the company to broaden its offers and increase its revenue.


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