Tips for Yard Waste Removal

One of the more challenging parts of maintaining your lawn is figuring out what to do with your yard waste. Whether you’ve raked up leaves or have piles of grass clippings, you should make sure your waste is properly disposed of. In this video from the City of Minot, NJ, you’ll find some great tips for yard waste removal.

Some types of yard waste can be used as mulch! If you want to dispose of branches that are too large to be used for mulch, you can break them down to a manageable size by tossing them in a wood chipper.

If you’re looking for a way to deal with yard waste and also want a healthier lawn, consider leaving your grass clippings on your lawn. Over time, the clippings will decompose, which will provide your soil with plenty of nutrients.

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The clippings will also release water onto your lawn!

Whether you send your yard waste to the landfill or choose to use it on your lawn, there are plenty of options for yard waste removal. Once you find a solution that works for you, you’ll be able to deal with yard waste without much of a hassle.


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