Cockroach Killers How Biological Insecticides Work

Have you ever wondered how biological insecticides work to kill cockroaches? The video offers an informed and quite humorous explanation of this process. The first thing to note is that cockroaches are not harmless little pests. In addition to being just unpleasant to look at, they can also carry diseases of various kinds.

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They also tend to come in clusters. If you see a cockroach in your home, chances are it is part of a larger infestation and should be dealt with immediately.

Though cockroaches have a tough exoskeleton, they also have small pores that allow biological insecticides to enter their system, which can kill them in an instant owing to lethal compounds. Even roaches have a nervous system. Their tiny brains send signals to their equally tiny legs to move. This signal is boosted by natural chemicals that enter the signal-carrying area of its spine. The lethal compounds in insecticides essentially keep open the doors through which the chemical boosters enter this area. The channel becomes completely blocked, and the cockroach’s brain can no longer tell the rest of its body what to do. The roach will become paralyzed and eventually die of starvation. You now know how biological insecticides work.


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