What Are the Easiest-Growing Summer Flowers?

Summer is a favorite season of many, especially for those green fingers. Many people wait for summer to see their beloved flowers bloom. The video shows some of the easiest-growing summer flowers.

Sunflowers are a sure sign of summer. These symbolic bright flowers require direct sun and can also tolerate some drought.

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They need plenty of space and organically rich and well-draining soil. Daylilies can be found in plenty of colors. They last only one day, but each plant will have many blooms. They are tolerant of poor soil but require good drainage. Marigold is an old favorite, pest-free, and requires low maintenance.

Another one that comes in plenty of bright colors is begonias. They bloom all season long but require shade and well-draining soil. Dahlias bloom in late summer and require weed control. They ought to be watered twice a week. Cannas come in bold colors and bloom all through summer. In some areas, they need to be replanted during spring. Peonies are another must-have and require organic well-draining soil.

All flowers need tender loving care, water, and preferably organic soil to ensure they grow well, and be able to beautifully bloom all through summer.


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