How Does a Hydroseeding Company Hydroseed?

Hydroseeding is an easy way to get the yard you have in mind for your property. A hydroseeding company is a business that will come out to your property and spray seed on the ground to create a viable yard. In the video, you will be introduced to the concept of hydroseeding and how it is accomplished.

The first thing the company will do is buy the seed.

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The hydroseed is then mixed with water and the other needed material to establish a solid mix for the new yard.

The mixture is then placed in a hydroseed machine and sprayed around the area. The mixture lands on the ground and provides a safe place for the seed to germinate and begin to grow.

The lot must be sprayed even so that the grass will grow ultimately. The mixture allows the seed to be sprayed on uneven ground and keeps it from gathering if it rains. The mixture acts as a shield, providing the perfect environment for the seed to take root.

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