How a Pool Building Company Creates Concrete Pools

Deciding to install a pool means hiring the services of a professional pool building company. In this video, viewers get to see exactly how a team of experts creates concrete swimming pools. The process runs right from setting up a meeting with a pool designer to the final product being completed.

Choosing a concrete pool means investing in flexibility in terms of shape and size. A pool designer will liaise with the homeowner to understand where they want to pool and the dimensions.

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Other design features might include fountains, lights, or a miniature waterfall.

During construction, the design is painted on the ground by the pool building company. Once logistics are determined, construction can begin. Heavy machinery carries out digging, and an engineered structure is built with steel pipes and utility lines. Before concrete is laid, a city inspection may be necessary which can, in some cases, slow construction.

Hoses are used to shoot concrete, either gunite or shotcrete, onto the steel structure. Skilled professionals manually sculpt steps or other concrete features. Next comes tiling, coping, and decking once the concrete has cured, and the installation of any of the chosen additional features. Once this stage is complete, the interior can be plastered and finished, After two days of further curing, the pool is ready to be filled, inspected, and used.


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